silent G imagery? 

Both Bob’s and Sharon’s family names contain a silent G. It is obvious in Quaglia, but the connection reaches further back in Sharon’s history.
The name, O’Callaghan (with a silent “G”), is inherited from her grandfather, Cornelius O’Callaghan.  Thus, silent G, the common link.

Bob Quaglia and Sharon O’Callaghan Shero have owned separate businesses for over ten years, Bob in media negotiation and buying,
and Sharon as a project manager, graphic designer, and copywriter.

One day they purchased a new camera together.  At first, they discovered a new outlet for creativity and then, not too much later, really,
they began to fight over the camera.  So they bought another one. And strobes, and lenses, and tripods, and reflectors, and backgrounds,
and so on.  With all this expense, their little passion has turned into a small cottage industry where they hope to recoup some of their investment 
by selling their art. 


Bob Quaglia

Bob has lived in a lot of places—Herrin Il, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Memphis, and now Dallas, and has worked in the advertising industry as a Media Planner/Negotiator.

Photography has always been a hobby but until high-resolution digital technology came along, not a seriously considered one. Today he pursues his craft whenever the opportunity presents itself, despite that he continues to run his media planning and buying agency full-time.

If we only had more daylight in a day!




Sharon Shero

Growing up in the crusty, south side neighborhoods of Chicago has skewed Sharon’s view of the subject matter she photographs today.

Her career originated in interior architecture, and when graphic design and writing became a significant part of her output, she opened her own studio in 1988.  Initially using a camera as a tool in this business, the artistic aspect of photography became so compelling that Bob and Sharon created Silent G Imagery to explore and exploit fine art photography.

Not to be confined by photography alone,  Sharon’s recent concentration has been in collaged photography (photomontage) and introducing other media into her work.

Sharon is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Architecture and holds a minor in Psychology from the University of Illinois Chicago Campus.

Although residing in Dallas, Texas, Sharon’s heart still plays on the streets of the South Side.