• photography


    Ever on the look-out for fresh subject matter,
    we stash fine art, photojournalism, slice-of-life,
    and the occasional
    being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time shots
    in our artistic quiver.

  • photomontage


    While photographs are composed in an instant in time,
    our collaged pieces amass disparate imagery
    to create singular images where time and reality
    are upended.

  • mixed media

    mixed media

    Sometimes we renounce plain-old photography,
    and doll it up with a cornucopia of media.
    Sometimes there’s so much going on,
    the photographs are lost in the translation…
    and we sort of like it that way!

  • commissions


    We’ve had the good fortune to shoot for some of the most remarkable people and companies.